Perhaps you already have and didn’t even realize it! Now that you know what boondocking is, it’s time to start planning your free camping trip! We recommend checking out this list of the best places to camp for free in your RV. If you’re boondocking in a big box store parking lot, you can probably go buy anything you’re missing.

Vermont also has some of New England’s best private campgrounds that offer amenities and amazing locations. This PA campground for sale offers an assortment of activities that keep the fun going all day long. Campground favorites include horseshoes, volleyball, hayrides, archery, and fishing in the pristine trout stream that runs along the 29-acre property. 118+ total sites include 6 beautifully furnished rental cabins.

As a full-time RVer (or just someone planning a long cross-country RV trip) you may have considered staying overnight in a Walmart parking lot. It’s imperative these aren’t abused, so Walmart continues to allow RVers to boondock in their parking lots for years to come. 233 full hook-up sites nestled along the famous Appalachian Mountains. This serene woodland setting is just a short drive to hundreds of shopping and recreational locations.

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The solar panels will be generating power whenever the sun is shining whether you’re in your RV or away. Some call it boondocking, some call it wild camping, and some call it dry camping. No matter what name you give it, camping outside of the confines of a campground can be a fun and freeing way to use your RV.

Silver Strand State Beach

All other camping without hookups would be considered dry-camping. The good news is that there are ways to increase your electrical capacity. For instance, you can install more batteries to store more power. Or you could use a generator to charge your batteries when they get low. A generator also allows you to use both 120 and 12-volt power while it’s running. Of course, they are noisy and annoying so most campers try to limit their use.

Without a battery monitoring system, there’s no way to know how much power you are using in the RV or how much reserve battery capacity you have left. Whether you’re simply looking to keep some lights on or fully power your RV, a basic understanding of battery capacity and power management is essential. Batteries, solar panels, inverters, more efficient equipment, and composting toilets, can all be added later. Try boondocking a few times to really understand your RV’s limitations and your needs. You’ll have a better chance of ending up with the pefect RV if you take that approach.

If you get a new trailer what would be the difference in paying rent in a home. You will have RV park expenses, unless you boondock. She loves adventures of all kinds and spends as much time on the road as she can. When not exploring in her RV or writing about her travels, you can find her reading a good book, cooking a delicious meal, caring for her plants, or hiking with her dogs. Many motorhomes and toy haulers come equipped with an on-board, gasoline-powered generator. Running this will allow you to charge your devices and batteries.

Whether you choose to camp in the front country, backcountry, or boondock, be sure to bring along your sense of adventure. Take heart, though, as you’ll easily find water at the nearby Ben Reifel Visitor Center, and scenic vistas are all around. The generator usage times described in a previous post generally fall within the allowable times to use a generator, which are outside quiet hours.

Researching everything you can about the park before visiting is the best way to circumvent any problems. RV rental businesses have boomed in recent years as more people discover that RVing is generally more convenient and less expensive. There are various RV rentals to choose from, as each company is slightly different. Outdoorsy is a great place to rent RVs to see Yellowstone. Multiple KOAs lay just outside the south entrance to Yellowstone and deliver a laid back traveling experience.

Even when no quiet hours are posted, it’s common courtesy to keep your generator off during sleeping hours if you have anyone near you. When we’re comfortable, we’re more productive during the work week and have fewer distractions. In our minds, comfort has always been inextricably linked to full hookups. Beverly Beach, Oregon, is across the Pacific Coast Hwy from the ocean. There are actually two Beverly Beaches on this list.

She loves helping others discover their new favorite place in nature and has contributed almost 400 articles and counting to the RVshare blog doing just that. While at RVshare she launched guides to national parks, state parks, local travel, events, and more to make choosing where to take that next RV trip as easy as possible. When she’s not helping travelers make memories she’s making some of her own exploring with her husband, daughter, and rescue dogs.

It works in coastal and mountain areas, and not so much in between. In the end, the more you know about your RV rental beforehand, the more comfortable you’ll feel in the motorhome that you choose. Plus, there will be less room for unexpected surprises during your trip.

Spots for RVs greater than 40 feet are limited and must be reserved well in advance. Start by figuring out how much money you are willing to spend, subtract your fixed costs and then prioritize your flexible costs. Consider taking shorter distance trips to offset the rising costs. Site fees are likely going to be more expensive than rustic campgrounds or sites with limited services. Once you know what’s most important to you, you can pick the areas where you can cut back.

We’ll dump the grey and black tanks when we are preparing to leave or just stop at the dump station. “We use all of the above; campgrounds, dry camping campgrounds, and no campgrounds. We have never hooked up to sewer, but use fresh water and shore power at any campground we stay at. There is a county campground, Camp Petosega, that is close to our home. We often camp there because it’s convenient if one of us is working.